The Cat Petting Museum

Petting the Difficult Cat

800px-Jackie_Martinez_in_NYCDespite our best intentions, not all cats are enthusiastic about receiving pets. When this happens it is easy to blame one’s self, often withdrawing from the cat in anger or resentment.

This situation can be avoided if one pays careful attention to the cat and his/her needs. In this weekly workshop, attendees can learn about common mistakes and pitfalls associated with pet-resistant cats and ways to bridge the gap between petter and pettee. Participants can practice with cat-volunteers and are welcome to bring their own cats along. Species-appropriate refreshments will be available afterward.


When: Tuesdays at 6:30 PM
Where: The Martscha Room (located off the West wing)
Cat petters are welcome to bring their own cats but please ensure beforehand that they are consenting participants. Unruly guests will be excused from the workshop.

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