The Cat Petting Museum

The Collection

Sophie_Gengembre_Anderson_-_Her_Favorite_PetsA common question asked by people unfamiliar with The Cat Petting Museum is, “How do you show the act of petting a cat?”. It is understandable that people would ask and we are happy to answer!

The museum’s permanent collection is comprised of multimedia pieces from around the world. Painting, photography, sculpture, and video are all employed to convey the richness and variety of cat petting. Each piece has been carefully selected to work in harmony with the others, engage the senses, and spark thoughtful contemplation.

Many of the installations are interactive. We encourage visitors to be active participants. With this in mind, the museum has been built to be accessible to all as well as hypoallergenic.

While many find it hard to choose a favorite, some of the more popular installations include the following.

  • 21144201
  • The Cincinnati Sweep
  • The Hyperspace
  • The Rump Shaker
  • The Texas Panhandle
  • The Roundabout
  • Necessary Ruff-ness

Docents and audio tour equipment are on hand for patrons seeking additional insight and information about the cat petting exhibits. (A mandatory donation of $15.00 is required to take advantage of these supplemental resources).

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