The Cat Petting Museum


Our beloved Calvin, "marking" his calendar.

Our beloved Calvin, “marking” his calendar.

The Cat Petting Museum is proud to host special events throughout the year. These engagements offer variety and supplement the outstanding regular content provided by the museum.


Upcoming Events
Visiting Lecturer: Beth Armentrout (July 22nd).
Please join us for an exciting and informative talk from the nation’s leading cat petter. We are fortunate and privileged to host her for an evening that promises  laughter, instruction, and poignant insights.


Past Events

  • Canadian Cat Petters Traveling Roadshow and Emporium
  • The Feline Fiddles (all-cat folk music performance)
  • Cat Snatching: How to Avoid Stranger Danger (presentd by Magnus Cornoble)
  • Lynx Tips: Pointers on How to Care for Your Maine Coon
  • Kittens! Youth Petting and Adoption Party

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