The Cat Petting Museum

We’re Hiring!

la-me-0810-cat-museum-rr-jpg-20140810The Cat Petting Museum has an opening for a head librarian! Our ideal candidate will possess a master’s degree in library and information science and at least three years of experience. Teaching experience, especially work in foreign countries, is a plus. And it goes without saying that you must love to pet cats!

Contact us with your resume and a cover letter. Please include a photograph of you and your favorite cat during a petting session (this is not a requirement for consideration, we just like those kinds of pictures).

Silly Styles

There are lots of ways to pet cats. Check out this chart for some of the more amusing methods!


Petting-Induced Aggression

Everyone has their limit. While cats love to be petted, sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. Learn to read the signals your cat sends about when enough is enough.

Great Find on Etsy

Etsy is a great place for cat lovers. This artwork is a great example. Check it out!


Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy (of the television program My Cat from Hell) gives a lesson on how to pet a cat.

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